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Dear applicants for ENEN+ mobility support,
Unfortunately, the COVID19 disease disrupted also the ENEN+ mobility actions. The European Commission kindly extended the period in which the mobility actions can be performed until September 30, 2021. In this period, the priority will be given to those with frozen applications and those who returned the grants because their mobility could not be completed before Sept 30, 2020. In both cases, the grants will only be possible for activities, which could be moved in time (host, work plan and number of days cannot be changed). If affected, please follow the instructions in your email or at
We are very happy to announce that the ENEN+ mobility fund of roughly 1,000,000 EUR has in the last two years supported more than 600 young nuclear talents to accumulate together more than 60 person years of mobility.

Unfortunately, the mobility fund kindly provided by the European Commission has been depleted. We are working on new sources for the mobility funds. There are some opportunities but we could not yet secure a continuation. Consequently, we are not any more in the position to accept new applications. We will definitely let you know when the situation will change.

We appreciate your understanding. Stay healthy.
Best regards